Thursday, December 29, 2011

Strongholds and Fortresses

The final Star Wars Miniatures "Map Pack" had a heavy emphasis on gameplay, and made for some great layouts. The Map Pack also shows an artisitic transition for me as well, as I transition from Corel Paint Shop, to Adobe CS4.  To me the Art shows someone just getting a grip on the software. It's good, but future maps show a marked improvement.

Doom Village West/Subway/Resistance Headquarters

Finishing the Doom Village Set, I created Doom Village West, Resistance Head Quarters, and The Subway Station.Here is what both combined maps look like.

Resistance Headquarters was again inspired by "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" as well as the Marvel Comics "Civil War" series.The Subway Station is an "Iconic" stage for so many great movies and comic books over the years, I thought it would be great to have atypical setting for almost any Heroclix game.

Personal thoughts on these maps:I struggled for 2 months to create this collection, amidst business turmoil, and personal wars between other people in the business. It was a real rough experience to get these ones out. And when they sold poorly It was enough to drive me away from publishing game maps for a while.

There could be any number of reasons why these maps didn't do well, but I really blame most of it on the declining demand for Heroclix Maps. NECA(the company that produces the game) really does an outstanding job of releasing a lot of maps on their own, really eliminating the need for 3rd party accessories. I also blame a hostile environment created by rival websites, and I began to feel like I was forced to choose sides when all I wanted to do was make some money.

All in all I love making maps, and It's become a much more rewarding hobby than it ever was a business.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Asian Village Maps

These maps were made specifically for my friend as I tried to coax him into playing Heroclix. They are meant to have use for the collossal game pieces like Galactus and Dr. Manhattan. They never published, and I will have it available for free download soon.

The Cantina

This map is my version of the Mos Eisley Cantina. I am very proud of this one.

     This map was a particular challenge because I wanted something that not only was top-tier for competive gameplay, but also as faithful to Star War as possible.

on the flipside is the Rebel Stronghold,not quite finished...

This map is meant to be a temporary base of operations for the rebels. Something that could be hastily packed up in a matter of moments.

Doom Village East

This map was designed for use with Heroclix. It on half of a two part map. Eastern Europe and Marvel Comics was the inspiration for this map, namely the fictional country of Latveria, home of Doctor Doom. I wanted this map to be used as a companion for reenacting my favorite Marvel Video game, "Ultimate Alliance".

This map,and it's companions, are available for purchase here

Royal City Plaza

 This map was inspired by the first act of Star Wars the Phantom Menace. I drew my inspiration from the Star Wars planet, Naboo. To make this map I drew much of my influence from the same source that the movie creators did: I looked at European art and architecture. Then I added the sci-fi elements. the competitive elements of Star Wars miniatures was my motivation for the layout of the map. This is arguably my strongest map for use in the competitive circles of SW miniatures.

The flip side, smugglers base, was created by Josh Derksen

This map is available for Purchase here

Outlaw City

This is the map I created for the 2011 GenCon Mystery Map Tournement, an event for Star Wars Miniatures. The map depicts a world that is a haven for outlaws and intergalactic criminals.

The flipside, Sinkhole Planet, was created by my friend Josh Derksen.

  You can purchase this map here.