Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anchorhead/Cliffside Citadel Star Wars Miniatures Map

 Here is the latest, brand new release from Adventurers Atlas, on sale only here! Anchorhead was only mentioned by Luke Skywalker once, in Episode 4, but truly came to life in the 2003 video game "Knights of the Old Republic." Anchorhead served a major starport in the days of the Old Republic, and also served as a desert outpost that housed miners, hunters, and all sorts of galactic cutthroats.

The cliffside citadel is a completely unique location that serves as the perfect location for a hideout, or a place of respite for heroes on the run. It features a large landing pad overlooking a virtually bottomless ravine.


  1. Just got my map tonight in the mail. It's awesome. Can't wait to get some miniatures on it.